Somethings wrong with my 3 week old chicks

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Mar 25, 2013
I have 3 week old light Brahmas and they were so active and sweet but as of last night they seem to be lethargic, have a loss of appetite and balance is way off. They wobble when walking, stumble and fall. I've checked their bottoms to make sure there's nothing blocking them. They are currently on chick starter feed and I've just introduced them to their first treats, hard boiled eggs and tomato chopped up. One chick (the only one who seems a bit better than the other two, but only a bit) pecked at a yolk I offered by hand but now they're just laying around sleeping again and haven't touched the treats at all.
I bought my chicks from Cackle Hatchery so I'm guessing they were vaccinated.

Any ideas at all what might be the problem??? Help someone please!
OK they are now enjoying the eggs. The stronger one is standing while eating while the other two are sitting while eating. They chick who concerns me the most is not only sitting but falls to the side and has to brace herself with her wing to stay up. However she is eating.
I don't believe hatcheries inoculate chicks unless you pay extra for it. Is there any chance they ate spoiled (moldy) food or that the bag is not good.(maybe rodents have been eating & leaving droppings in it. Sometimes feed stores, etc. store their feed outside under tarps. Rain can dampen them and they get mold fast. It can kill birds.

Please explain their symptoms in detail on the "Emergencies, diseases,injuries, treatment "forum someone should be along that is more experienced than I am.
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Food and chick conditions are dry and free of rodent contamination. They're in a old bunny hutch that has been scrubbed clean before use. They live indoors (our living room) dry and warm conditions with their heating lamp. Up until two days ago they would perch on our finger or shoulders and let us love on them.
Last night they began to act "floppy" or lethargic. This morning, they were worse. Barely able to walk or stand without falling over. At one point one of our girls fell over and couldn't get up. Their stool is runny, but not diarrhea. They are constantly laying down but lopsided. When they do get up and run, (running from us because we are medicating them) they run a few steps and seem fine until they lean to one side of head first and have to put their wings out to catch themselves but they fall anyway. Two of them are keeping their mouths open and I notice while giving the chicks water treated with Corid there was a slight trembling. They don't shake when handled at all.

Any ideas on what to do would be incredible appreciated.
Thank you all who offered advice and support. My girls have all made it through the illness and are all healthy and happy once again. Well almost. One of our girls is suffering with Spraddle but I just taped her legs up and Im praying we see an improvement soon. Unfortunately she has had this for a week and a half now and we thought it was being caused by her illness so it went on longer than it should have. Please keep your fingers crossed for our Mimi.

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