Sometimes doing the right thing....stinks!

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10 Years
Jun 5, 2009
VA,TN,NC Tri-State area
Just came in from meeting the buyer for my 10 year old Appaloosa Mare.

We lost the lease on our pasture and she was going to have to spend her days on a 1/4 acre dry-lot. So, in her best interest, we found her a great new home where she would be ridden on trails, have 30 acres of play room and lots of new friends. Her new owner is very sweet and knowledgeable. So I am not worried about her...

But, I am still bawling my fool head off....
I know, it's hard, but you did do the right thing! She will be happy there, but that won't change the fact that you love her and will miss her. Go ahead and cry, it's ok
I'm sorry you had to rehome your mare. I gave away a beloved mare a few years ago to "save my marriage". I ended up getting divorced 3 years later. Different story, but same feeling of loss.

Maybe they'd be ok with letting you come visit/groom and ride occasionally?
My heart goes out to you. I once did something similar as I was too busy to provide to love and attention I thought my two deserved. Still breaks my heart to this day and they have since died of old age.
I think you should definitely talk to the new owner about visiting her every now and then--they may not mind at all, and that way you could see how she's doing and enjoy her company.

I'm sorry you're having to give her up, though--I'm sure it's very difficult. I'm glad you found her a good home and it sounds like she will be very happy, but I don't blame you at all for being upset. It's hard to give up a critter you love a bunch! Best wishes to you.
I had this same experience with my dog last year and it does STINK! The dog had some chewing habits we couldnt' break so my best firend took him and now he has other dogs to play with and goes out on trail rides with them and she says he is the best trail dog ever( which is why I picked him in the first place). My daughter and I go visit every now and then but its been 5 months and it still kills me to not be able to bring him home with me. I know he's happier there since he gets to run all day instead of being penned up while we work but still! I know what you are going through Camelot.

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