Sometimes I just worry too much....

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  1. Rosaleen

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    May 18, 2011
    Danville, Vermont
    Last night I had to hurry the girls into their run before dusk ( due to a family emergency ). One hen wouldn't go in so I tried to catch her but couldn't. I couldn't spend anymore time so I locked the ladies in their run knowing I'd be back in about three hours. When I returned home I went to the run to let her in (the other ladies were already in the coop on their roosts). She was nowhere to be found. I went into the house to get a flashlight and started looking for her. I was relieved not to see any scattered feathers so I figured she was still safe. I looked up into trees to seen if she found a high perch somewhere. No luck. As I lay awake worrying about her, I decided I was going to put some roosts high up on the run (the run is very tall, so this is doable) sometime this weekend, just in case this happens again they'll still be close to the flock and safe from predators. Anyway, I went out around dawn with extra food and water outside the run just in case she came back. Well, there she was right by the door to the barn clucking at me. She didn't have any problem letting me pick her this time. I gave her a hug and put her back in the coop with the other hens. I fret and worry too much........

  2. bustermommy

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    Apr 16, 2011
    Glad she was ok. If I want them in early, I throw scratch on the coop floor. Greedy guts will go anywhere for chicken crack, er I mean chicken scratch. [​IMG] MUCH easier than trying to herd them or catch them.
  3. chicmom

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    Feb 24, 2009
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    So glad nothing "got" her! I also use a bribe if I need to get them inside early....I have a pitcher I use to scoop the cracked corn, and if I say "Here chickie chickie" and I shake that scooper, they come running! I throw the corn down in the run, and shut the door.

    Works every time! Nobody wants to miss out on that treat!
  4. aoxa

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    I'm the same way! My kitten got stuck up in a tree Halloween night, and I had such a hard time sleeping worrying about this brat of an indoor cat who climbed up to the very top branches of my 150+ year old oak tree! [​IMG]

    After we called the fire department (she was way too far up for their ladder), we left her. We found her sound asleep on the covered patio the next morning. If I wasn't so relieved, I would be very angry! [​IMG]

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