Sometimes it pays to be busy (lazy)

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    Things have been pretty busy around here. We have been out of town at dog shows, kidding goats, farm chores, etc. We also had all four of our FS cochin hens go broody. They were all sitting on their own eggs in different areas of an old barn. Last week all four hatched a few eggs each and got up and walked away from the rest of the eggs. For more then a week now I keep telling myself I have to pick up all the eggs laying around and by the end of the day I always forget. Well this afternoon I went out to feed and there was a chick that had just hatched from the eggs that had been sitting all week. I know none of the hens have been sitting on any of the eggs. They abanded that side of the barn and won't go near it now that they all have chicks running around. I pulled all of the eggs sitting around and candled them. There are six eggs that have chicks in them and a few are chirping at me. Who knew chicks could be so resilient.
    The only problem I have is my incubator is full of runner duck eggs so I had to go through all of my closets to find the old styrofoam bator.

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    That is wild... I hope they are okay.

    I had some eggs in the hatcher that were duds.. I put them on the counter to put them in the garbage, forgetting that ONE was due the next day.... Yup.. you got it.. it was zipping on the counter that night! Yes, the chick lived and all was well... cept me.. [​IMG]
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    Oh That is so cool!!
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