Sometimes...You Just Can't Help Them


Langshan Lover
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Jan 4, 2009
Claremore, OK
I was just informed by my grandmother, that she just purchased eggs that were fertile from the store. I asked how many and she said "The whole dozen!"

"How do you know they are fertile?"

"The white stuff connected to the yolk! That's the stuff from the rooster!"

Oh Lowrdy........

On a side note:
If anyone knows where I can purchase lemon-flavored Jolly Ranchers AND/OR Valentine's Sprees, please let me know!!!!
I just finished off a dozen "cage free" eggs I got from wal mart and they were all fertile.

Alot of people think that white stuff means the egggs are fertile. The little bulls eye is kinda hard to see if you don't know what you are looking for.
Yeah, my mom thought the same thing and she has been around chickens longer than i have. I told her just the other night how to tell when a egg is fertile. One question i couldn't answer though, what is the white thing connected to the yolk? I had a hunch, but I'm not entirely sure. I look a lot up on chickens, but have skipped egg science completely
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It's the chalazae. It keeps the yolk stationary. It's like a safety net of sorts.

Inside the egg, it keeps the yolk from being jostled. The albumen keeps the follicle from hitting the sides of the shell, but the chalazae are the primary safety feature. The longer the egg sits, the more loose the proteins in the chalazae become.

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