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  1. Greetings and hellos:

    After many years of longing for a few hens we are finally going to make the leap this week. I must say the info available is overwhelming. I'm glad I found a place to go to safely ask what I'm sure will be ULTRA-novice Qs. "Uh, what do you put the feed in?"

    We are starting w/ only 3 hens which will be picked up at the ag store this Thursday. One site suggested getting heritage breeds but I'm not ready for anything exotic. One book suggested inoculating the birds, another said just use chick starter feed (we're getting poulets). *SIGH* A thousand Qs and we haven't even started yet![​IMG]

    New and Nervous (and excited!), d
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    Are the pullets going to be just a few days old? Ask them if they were innoculated. If they were...then non medicated chick starter would be good....if they are not...then get the medicated chick starter.

    For only a couple of dollars, you can get the little metal attach a glass mason type jar to it. They might even sell it where you are getting your peeps. Also dont forget to get a waterer..and make sure you have clean marbles in the waters edge, so they dont drown themselfs. This would work great for just a few babies. I have 19 I use an open feeder method. Yeah, they scratch some out to the brooder floor...but..I want to make sure ALL of them get in there. LOL Good luck, and enjoy!!

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