sooo it seems that chickens really ARE like potato chips.

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    May 20, 2014
    oh.. here and there
    after a trip to a farm full of baby chicks my husband got chicken fever REALLY badly .. we saw an ad on craigslist for baby barred rocks( a breed i've dealt with a lot) so we went to check them out, there were perhaps 60 chickens on the farms and lots of them were for sale, a woman who was there before us bought a buff frizzle and then took the only silkie chick on the farm too (which sucked) so we went out back and i looked through some babies of various breeds, while fred talked the lady's ear off. i was not after a specific breed, i was after birds that were friendly towards me,(since these are pets) i picked a mixed chick ( she looks to be rhode island red crossed with maybe legorn) i picked her because she kept returning to me and because the barred rocks were completely uninterested in me. so we had our chick in hand and we were ready to go when i laid eyes on a gorgeous golden sebright chick.. she was so adorable i just could not pass her up, so we decided that we would take both.. and we were on our way out again when we noticed this white hen who had been following us everywhere on the farm, she never left our side and when i went to pick her up she not only obliged but she jumped onto my head. there was no way we could leave her behind (besides, by this point fred had fallen in love with her sweetness and her insanely soft feathers.. how could i say no?). so we scooped her up as well... so a trip that was meant to end in one chick ended in three new birds. so now we have 5 chickens living with us.. this brings the total number of pets to 9(2 dogs and 2 cats make up the rest of the menagerie), it's pretty crazy to have so many animals running around. but we love them and they are all well and happy. but hopefully that number never strays to double digits.

    so here are our new feathered monsters, all with japanese names because ..well just because really :D

    first Shiro Tora ( when she hopped onto my head at the farm and was polite enough to not poop on my head)

    next Taka yasashi our chicken mutt

    and finally Kyonaida our teeny little sebright

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    They really are like 'potato chips' (crisps lol) I started with 3 little chicks I now have 8! plus my two cats! Just too lovable to just have a couple!!!

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