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    A little back history: We bought this house and the people used a little shed in the back as a chicken coop. But I dont think they put anything covering the bottom floor. So the chicken poop has basically rotted the wood away some. I put a bunch of shavings over the top to kinda help, but I guess me walking across it(to get into the run) is making it tear up faster than I thought.

    I need a coop that I can kinda make with what I already have.

    Heres the list:

    1x6's(not sure how many, but around 15 or so)
    cattle panels(I think these are 4ft x 12ft?)
    2 utility panels(5 1/2 ft x 12 ft?)
    Tin/metal siding
    Chicken wire(around 50 ft)

    My husband wants nothing to do with the chickens and I can bet he wont help build the new coop either. I also need it to have a in closed run. I have dogs in a smaller fence and if the chickens were to roam free our neighbors wouldnt be too happy. As our dogs bark nonstop at anything moving around in the backyard.

    Currently we have the old chicken coop that Im guessing is 2 1/2 ft by 6 ft. The run is one whole cattle panel running longways and at the end a cattle panel that is cut to fit the end(see 2nd pic). The cattle panel is about 4 ft tall so I have to bend over to get into the run. This gets OLD real fast, seeing as how Im 5'10.

    I would like something that I could build using the 1x6's and buying some plywood or something cheap for the sides and roof. Maybe even for the floor. Im thinking about using dirt floors covered with shavings? I would like to be able to stand up in the run at least. Perferably the coop as well, to be able to clean it out.

    ANY and all help/suggestions are welcomed!!! [​IMG]


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  2. About the cattle panels- they will give you strength, but you'll need something with finer mesh, like 1/2" hardware cloth, to keep predators out. I bet you could trade the cattle fencing with someone for the other material, or use the cattle panels and reinforce with the hardware cloth. Raccoons can easily reach through conventional poultry wire and i wish they'd stop selling it under that name!

    A project like this is better done by two, and take a while. You have a good basic list of things and I hope hubby will get involved!
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