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7 Years
Feb 16, 2012
Shinnston, WV
Hello everyone. My name is Cheryl. I am Happily married to a great guy named Wes. He was the one who originally got me into chickens when he thought it would be cool to have some.

I am sort of new to BackYard Chickens. I actually joined back in 2012, but never really got involved then. A few of my flock passed away, and when my Norwegian Jaerhon, Grace, was killed by my neighbors dog (the dog got into the fenced chicken yard) I gave away my remaining 4 chickens and decided my chicken days were over. But that all changed back in June when my friend Tabatha posted on Facebook that she was selling chicks. I bought 4 what I thought were pullets, but I think one is a roo, and well, I am back in the "chicken business!" LOL. I did lose one of the first 4 Brahmas to a black rat snake that got into the brooder... ugh! So after losing that chick I contacted Tabatha and asked her if she had any more chicks. She said she had eggs in the incubator and I told her I wanted 3 pullets when they hatched. Well.... I wasn't happy with idea of just 6 Brahmas... I wanted some different breeds, and broke down and ordered 6 more pullets from My Pet Chicken. Now I have an awesome flock of 12 chickens. I am not sure of all the breeds yet since I ordered and mixed lot of brown egg layer, and two "Easter eggers."

I am happy to have chickens again. They give me purpose and something to focus on besides my depression. I plan to be more active with this site as well, and will be posting some question from time to time. I am also going to try to recruit Tabatha and my niece, Beth as well, since they are fellow "chicken farmers!"
Hi Cheryl and welcome, once again to BYC - good to hear that you have got back into the world of chickens. I guess you probably know, but you can post pics of your suspect birds on the breed / gender ID forum -

There's also your state thread to check out, if you wish to get to know peeps in your area.

Hope you enjoy being back into the chicken world and i look forward to seeing your posts around the forums.

Best wishes
Hi Cheryl,
Your new flock sounds wonderful! Thanks for joining us again!
Thanks! And thanks for the info. I am still learning the sight, so any info is always helpful. My chicks from My Pet Chicken are only 5 weeks old. I have a few figured out, but not all of them yet. I know I have the 2 Easter Eggers, and I am pretty sure I have a Black Australorp, but there are 3 white ones. One is all white, and the other two have some other color on them. I will post a few good pics on the breeds page as soon as I can get them taken, lol..,they don't like to hold still for pictures....
Great to hear you are back in the chicken business and got a wonderful little flock going too! As DD said above chicken TV is very therapeutic, my flock cheer me up endlessly. They're such wonderful creatures. Enjoy the site!

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