SOS...Australorp pullet flew where in sight...what to do?

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    I've very worried for her. She's only been at my place for a week and a half, so don't know if she "gets" how to come back in evening to roost. They are not free-ranging yet. She panicked when I was trying to pick her up to dust her for mites, jumped out of top of coop. She's our fast one. She lurked nearby the coop for about five minutes and then when my husband/I tried to catch her...poof...gone. I've looked everywhere. Happened about 3 hours ago. We live on 13 acres, so she can easily hide in overgrowth parts, woods. But there are many dangers nearby. My neighbor has horses/barn/lots of barn cats. Dogs everywhere you turn around here, including mine on other side of partioned fence, where I think she might be hiding. Any ideas from chicken experts?
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    go out and shake a grain can. stay calm. she might come back.

    so sorry for your concern! i pray your little one comes home to you safe and secure.[​IMG]
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    Thanks so much, Jayne. I'll try. But don't think she will "get" that either. I haven't gotten to that stage of feeding yet; as in making a sound association with food/treats. They are in my portable coop that has a feeder in it that lasts for quite a bit. So the food is always there for them. The closest I've come is cooked oatmeal treat. They recognize the container I put it in, but I still have to hand feed my bravest one to get the others brave enough to come. (sigh)

    My husband thinks she will come home to roost soon. I'll look for her around 8-9 because I understand that they are pretty helpless in the dark and won't move much...a plus for me to catch her! I pray that she comes back. I've become attached to them all in a week and a half!

    You & I have similar bi-lines at the bottom, I see! Nice to meet you, and again: thanks for concern & advice.
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    Sad ending to this story. Just picked up her remains outside. She came back and was walking along fenceline trying to figure out how to get back in, I'm guessing, (we have part hog wire, part chain link; she was on chain link side). My dog tore her apart. Feel terrible.
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    Shucks. Wouldn't you know it? you own dog.
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