Sound level - turkey versus chickens


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Mar 27, 2013
Quebec, Canada
I'd like your advice on the amount of noise turkeys can produce.

The scenario is as follows: I will get 28 chicks + 2 turkeys that hatch on the same day.
They will be raised in the same coop (I have a separation in the middle if required).

I am thinking that the two turkeys will "copy" the behavior of the chicks and I am hoping they would remain relatively calm.

They will be meat birds, so will not reach maturity.

I thought that this would be the ideal scenario to try raising turkeys. Having a low number of turkeys with many chicks in hope it will keep the noise level down.

Is that somehow right or totally wrong? I know it will depend on the temperament of the turkeys also.

Would you say turkeys are very loud compared to chickens? Did anyone ever had chickens and then when they got turkeys they received complaints from neighbours (that previously didn't mind the chickens)?

I used to have a rooster and never got any complaints. I sure hope 2 turkeys are not as loud as a rooster hehe.
Alright that's not really what I meant..

I don't think turkeys crow, but over the course of the day I was wondering if they were louder than a rooster. A rooster, I find, is very loud but doesn't crow often, so it averages out to a very acceptable amount of noise.

The turkeys on the other hand, from what I can see on youtube they seem to respond to other noises very well. It seems like they are more quiet than a rooster but they vocalize almost all day long.

If my two turkeys would talk as much as these guys do, I'd much prefer to live with a rooster!!

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Well I don't know about your roosters but mine have been annoying. They start crowing about 4:30 am and keep it up all day long. Now granted we have alot of folks who raise game roosters in the blue barrels in our area, but not too close, and they can hear them, so perhaps they are just responding.

Our tom who we kept for breeding, not dinner, loves to hear himself talk and will respond to us, people who come up the drive, neighbors during target practice(we have lots of that around here), etc. But on a whole I think he is alot quieter than the silly roosters. He also is alot friendlier and is spoiled rotten by my 18 year old son.
The turkey crowing was a joke. But seriously, a dozen roosters crowing at 5 or 6 in the morning is very loud and turkeys don't do that. Roosters crow throughout the day too. We breed and raise both and the neighbors never mention the sound from the turkeys. Even if you find their noise level unacceptable it is a short term situation since you plan to eat the turkeys. The first couple of months they don't make any more noise than chicks.

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