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soup and eggs for the sole!

Discussion in 'Family Life - Stories, Pictures & Updates' started by mikeksfarmer, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. mikeksfarmer

    mikeksfarmer Songster

    Sep 16, 2008
    Bonner springs KS
    Oh my goodness!
    I have just spent several days contemplating the trappings of the back yard chicken flock.
    For multiple years I have followed the thread or threads. After recent events in my own state’s thread I have come to the conclusion …. Well if I spelled it out here you wouldn’t read further. I write this article because I think there is a potential of growth in every community. First I have nothing to sell but I do have a gift to offer.
    In most recent days I have learned to turn my chicken eggs in the most exquisite meal ever. (Well at least until I discover another) I want to share this. Stir frying veggies from the garden the other day I realized I had too much sauce. A reduction would have over cooked the veggies. I pushed them way to the side and broke two eggs in the skillet. Awesome!!!! Next day chicken soup from scratch; I am sure it has to work here too and it did! In basic use broth to cook your eggs and you get more for your family. Today I used a can of condensed soup the microwave and three eggs. Winning!!! Erase that picture, he is a looser, and this is a way to use eggs in a way that pays in your food bill. Slice some cucumbers or toast some cruets and its heaven!
    Try this please! it’s a money saver. It’s those few cents that make difference. Now let me remind you here that I am selling nothing. I submit my list of: you are a red-neck if …. I have to also tell you that I am just a guy who has a few chickens in the back yard. I have a degree in biology and chemistry. I have multiple courses in genetics, at least one in the following; Agra science, poultry science, animal science, dairy science and many more in the field of agriculture. I write what I write as a result of what I have read or experienced in postings on this site for the last few years. I write it and print it for the process of thought. If the chickens or other poultry under your care in some way get better care, then I succeed. If your mad or offended then make some soup with eggs it’s really good!
    Peace and growth to us all!
    You are a “Redneck”; when you….
    1) You can’t under stand why your multigenerational brother on sister breeding project in chickens produces infertile birds.
    2) You think molasses is a substitute for good nutrition on any food you feed.
    3) You think “Google” is the ultimate source of truth! On any thing chicken.
    4) You think false information from some one with a high school diploma is better than a college education because they have something to sell, that you want!
    5) You think that stacked cages are ok as long as the rain washes the poo away from the birds below.
    6) You think that your birds are eating each other is for reasons other than space and nutrition/ hydration.
    7) You think you are going to make money on chicken breeding!
    8) You think swap meets are the best source of new breeds/ genetics.
    9) You think hens with no feathers on their backs are just molting.
    10) You have more eggs in the incubator than you have cages to house what you’re hatching.
    11) You know the breeding standards, but have never shown a bird.
    12) You know that disease is not in your flock because you sold those birds!
    13) You’re feeding your birds eggs they lay for good nutrition and hopes that they will lay more eggs for you.
    14) You think free range means that your birds actually see day light.
    15) You think heritage is more important than function or production.
    16) When you are willing to maintain a chicken in conditions of misery because it’s more important as property than a living animal.
    17) You think chickens are not animals they are birds.
    18) Puppy mills are not a concept that can be applied to chickens!
    19) You have compassion for the mutants that live a life of misery in your flock, in fact you keep them alive as long as they can suffer and you can be looked at as compassionate!
    20) You make excuses for the condition of your birds at any time when someone is there to buy from you.
    21) You are willing to stretch the truth about parentage or history just to make a sale.
    22) You think you are actually going to create a new breed of bird in your flock.
    23) When you think the breed is more important than the animal.
    24) When you can’t understand why the eggs you haven’t collected for days are now being eaten by black snakes or their kin.
    25) You think you’re smarter than a raccoon.
    26) You think the fly you just swatted on the wall will be easier to clean up after it dries up.
    27) You think you are the first to inbreed in this line.
    28) You avoid telling others that the flock you have is really a bunch of brothers and sisters. Remember it’s ok because they are chickens!
    29) You think your bird or birds died of a heart attack. Of course this is true because the heart stops with all death.
    30) It is the incubators fault, the shipper, the normal fluctuations in temperature, the roosters, but never yours when you fail to hatch eggs.
    31) Your sales pitch is based on making more room so; these birds have to go!
    32) You house your birds on a friends place so you can claim to never violate the cooties rule!
    33) You’re buying the birds under the guise of adding them to your flock; but in truth you know the seller is selling way lower than you know you can make. Even though your time, the cage and gas to take them to the next swap will still be a loosing deal!
    34) You buy roosters at a swap meet for $5 or more each, because you’re going to eat them; even though it will take you several hours to kill and pluck them. Knowing that you can buy a plucked tinder young chicken at the local grocery store for less than $5 each.
    35) Your offended by what I say here because think I just don’t like chicken people!
    36) Think all hawks are bad!
    37) You cut meat off of a store bought chicken and place it in the talons of a recently shot hawk; staging the picture in the coop to justify; just shooting the hawk in your yard!
    38) You can’t understand why you have mice in the coop; yet you kill any snake on your property, and continue to spread feed on the ground for your birds!
    39) You live in the country but think someone should do something about all the wildlife! Especially when they take your chickens or crops!
    40) You poison the mice but don’t understand why some of your chickens just die!
    41) You calculate your profits based on no loss, food costs, and investment or housing costs for your birds.
    42) Predator loss is a result of the predator not your husbandry or security.
    43) You fill a cage or pen with new birds before you correct for the predator that ate the last ones in this cage.

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