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    I dunno if these count as tricks or what, but:

    - always roast bones before making stock with them. That is, if the bones are currently raw or were just simmered/boiled when the meat was initially cooked, put them on a lightly oiled roasting or jelly-roll pan and roast them in the oven for a short while til they are golden and smelling roast-chicken-y. THEN simmer 'em up for stock. Much tastier. (If you're using the stripped carcass of a roast chicken, of course, no need to re-roast!)

    - a handful of slivered almonds is really really good in vegetable or chicken-rice type soups. I know, it sounds weird, but trust me.

    - you can use an egg to clarify broth that's gotten cloudy from boiling too hard or from being started with raw bones. Google for instructions - it is not hard but you have to follow the procedure if you want a really clear broth. The egg ends up "wasted" in the end but could probably be fed to chickens or dogs if you want :)

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    Quote:Actually that counts as 3 tricks. Nice. [​IMG]

    Roast the bones??? Hmmmm. Kinda backs up the cooked chicken makes
    better soup theory. Interesting.

    Almonds... Gonna have to try it.

    Great suggestions everyone.
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    Always brown your meat before making soups or stews with it. This also includes roasting beef and pork bones prior to making stocks and broths...

    The flavors are incomparable when compared to not doing it. In fact, always have stock on hand to use instead of water, if you can. Basic Cookery 101.
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    I have heard that the very best chicken soup starts with stock made from chicken feet - google it and see.....

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