Sour crop again!!! Why?


8 Years
Aug 17, 2011
I treated my blue marans pullet for sour crop less than 2 weeks ago, today i noticed she has it again. I've put her back in a cage with acv in her water and some natural yogurt.
I'm wondering as to why it has returned, did it not clear properly the 1st time or could it be she has an impact and thats why it has returned?
After the 1st treatment i checked her crop and i could not feel an impact, but maybe i missed it.
Any advice for me?
How do you feed them? If you sometimes go and give them a big pile of food, they'll guzzle it and easily get an impacted crop. And do they have enough grit?
She is fed layers pellets, the pellets are on offer always, grit and oyster shell available all the time, she free ranges and she gets the occassional treat of greens and our left overs.
How do i know if she is completely clear of the sour crop this time?
Sounds like the first treatment almost cleared things up. Could be that whatever was causing the impaction was still there but not gone by the time treament was complete.
This is what i am thinking.
How do i make sure this time i clear it all? Anyone know how i check her to comfirm it is all cleared up?
If you have any kind of fish oil it will help. I take krill oil for my Omega supplement- works great for impaction/ sour crop for chickens. I think the oil helps coat the crop and speeds the process. Take a few capsules and let the oil drain to the bottom then snip off the top with scissors, you can then suck up the oil with a syringe. Slowly syringe feed chicken the oil- you will see improvement pretty quickly. She might be getting into something when freeranging that bothers her (Ivy or something?). The oil works great, maybe try dosing her every week for maintenance (if your willing). Good luck to you!!!!

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Sour crop is when food in the crop doesn't go down properly and the contents in the crop starts to turn sour.
Not a very good explanation, this is how i undestand it lol. Look up sour crop on here and you should find plenty of explanations.
Thank you Trish for your suggestion, i will get some cod liver oil and try it. I will be happy to dose her some oil once a week if it keeps her from getting sour crop and keep her healthy.

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