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    Hi All

    I thought i would contribute my 10 cents regarding sour crop (watery crop) i myself do not have chickens but i rehabilitate pigeons and i have often found good advise on this site and thought i would pay it forward in terms of what i have learnt. I read some success stories on this site and some not so successful. I hope this information increases the rate of success with your pets.

    So here goes......

    1. a watery crop which often is accompanied by a yeast-alcohol odour may well be a Candida infection and the natural remedies offered on this site do work but only if it is a Candida infection. Often the Candida infection is accompanied by a bacterial one like a Staphylococcus infection.

    Only Candida

    1. Do not feed for 24 hours

    2. If you know how to empty the crop by holding the bird with its head pointing downward and gently pushing the crop in a downward motion to induce vomiting then that's the first step

    3. Tube the bird acv water at following dilution (15ml per gallon) and also leave water in its cage with acv. Some people have suggested using sodium bicarbonate but this from what i have read is not correct. Candida occurs in two forms a unicellular yeast and in a hyphal form which is the form that causes sour crop. The hyphal stage thrives in an alkaline medium so giving acv ensure that the crop maintains an acidic environment thereby preventing further production of the hyphal stage.

    4. a few hours later give the chicken probiotics either dissolved in water (you can buy bird probiotics) but if you do not have this handy then use yoghurt or even kefir.

    5. When you have the chance purchase cellulase from a health store, if you have cellulase then also give this with the probiotics. Cellulase is an enzyme that breaks down cellulose and chitin which form the cell wall of the Candida, in other words the cellulase will break down the Candida killing it.

    6. after 24 hours feed the chicken appropriate soft food to see if it digests the food if not continue steps 1 to 5 every few hours for a 48 to 72 hour period

    If after a maximum of three days there is no improvement and the crop is still water and squishy then it may not be only a Candida infection.

    If this is the case then medicate the chicken with Metronidazole (also known as Flagyl) according to the dosage on the bottle. For Pigeons you can purchase this under the brand name Meditrich. This medication is used to treat Canker a protozoan infection but it also has antibacterial properties on both gram positive and gram negative bacteria. So it is a fairly good broad spectrum antibiotic. I found that using this for 5 days suddenly cleared up those stubborn sour crop conditions that did not clear up using the above method.

    I hope this will help someone.

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