Sour crop?

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    I was hoping someone might be able to give me a little advice please? I think Betty my Araucana may have sour crop.
    Sunday I noticed she was very lethargic, not eating and had very runny droppings. Today she was the same but when I picked her up I noticed her crop was full and as I picked her up she 'vommited' a lot a yellow fluid but it didn't smell. About an hour ago I massaged her crop and got a load more yellow fluid up until it felt empty.
    I syringed a little live yoghurt into her before she went to bed and have put ACV in her water.
    I just wanted to check if it sounds like sour crop? I was a little unsure due to the lack of smell?
    Thanks in advance!
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    It could be sour crop which is often considered a fungal overgrowth in the crop or more generally she sounds like she has slow crop or crop stasis which means the crop is not emptying properly. Crop problems can be secondary to other issues as well, but you can start by treating it as sour crop to see if it clears up. If is does not clear up then you might want to consider what other issues could be causing the problem. Check out this recent thread that discusses this:

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