source for polycarbonate panels?

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    Does anyone know a good source for double (or maybe triple) wall polycarbonate panels? About 2 years ago, some supply house that sold greenhouses and bulk polycarb sent me a catalog. I didn't keep it, and have been wishing I did.

    I asked at my local building supply place, but they wanted to sell me just plain, corrugated translucent fiberglass panels. Not polycarb and not double wall. Should I be able to order it at a local building supply?

    Or if I need to mail/internet order, any recommends for where?
    Northeast would be great, to minimize shipping charges...

    Thanks in advance.
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    Farmtek has what you are looking for if you cannot find it locally. I have bought a few items from them in the past and had no problems with them.

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    The only thing I've ever seen those panels used in is greenhouses. Like somebody said, Farmtek, can probably get you what you want, or you'll have to find a regional greenhouse manufacturer. I've never seen anything like that at a local building supply.
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    Like this?

    I bought a greenhouse from them. Still have to put it together.....[​IMG]

    edited to add: You can buy sheets or rolls too. You don't have to buy the kits.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. Gardeners' Supply in Burlington makes greenhouses. They say "Made in Vermont" in the catalog, so maybe I will see if they can sell me some polycarbonate direct. Gardeners' might be too big of a company to do this, though. I'll give it a try and see. Thanks again.
  6. I use just the plain opaque roofing from lowes for roofing works fine, and is cheaper then the greenhouse panels but the extra insulation in the greenhouse panels would come in handy for some things.
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    I picked up a Tuftex brochure at the Lowe's last time I was there. Lowe's sells their panels. I do not know which ones I was looking because I was in a hurry and just examined them quickly and grabbed the brochure from the rack. Lowe's had quite a number of different types of panels at different prices.

    I am considering the Ultravinyl sheets for the inside walls of the coop we're planning and possibly getting a few polycarb for the roof of a small greenhouse to put beside the coop.
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