Sourland's broody magic worked-update a 2nd time


10 Years
Oct 8, 2009
My broody hatched 4 of her 6 eggs only 2 chicks survived but I am so happy with those 2 little chicks. I also have a 2nd broody sitting on 4 eggs which should hatch around the 13th of June. So thank you sourland for the broody's I was surprised who went broody one was a barn yard mix hen I bought last year as a pullet (the last starter pullets I will buy) and one of my austrolorps that just turned a year this spring. I will post pictures as soon as my sour broody allows me to take pictures of her babies.

The chicks are just barnyard mixes daddy is a bantam Cochin mix and the mommy's could be BR, BO, red sex link, black sex link, austrolorop,

The 2nd broody is sitting one 3 bantam EE eggs and a brown egg (not sure which hen laid it)
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I'm only WOOTin' because his screwy broody GPS is off of me for awhile.
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I am happy with my 2 broody's I love watching the broody mommy with her 2 babies, I have started to call her big momma.

Tanichca I wait at least 2-3 days before I say she is broody wait I bet you will have another one go broody it is the season.

Grit, I would think you would want a few more Impy Jr's running around
My 2nd broody hatched 2 bantam EE/Cochin crosses and they are both doing great. I will post pictures as soon as I can things are a little crazy in my backyard farm. Thank you sourland having these broody hens has been really fun and I love watching babies with their mommies. Thanks again. I hope you are doing well I have not seen you on I hope everything is okay I am praying for you.
Sourland has a warped sense of humor. Not only does he do the broody magic...he has them go broody in really stupid places. BOTH of my hens are now broody again. One is down between buckets and I just found the other one under some fallen logs. Tried to get them to move them (at night) and I'm lucky to have a hand complete with fingers attached.
I guess they are sour broody's I had one that was mean as could be the other was a sweet heart and let me pet her and everything. I hope you have a great hatch.
Schellie69, how are the new broodies doing? Have you found them yet?
It has been said that I have a "warped" sense of hunor-- this is true.

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