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Apr 24, 2013
Southern Illinois
Hello everyone!

Raising chickens has been a dream of mine for what seems like forever. This year my husband and I finally got some! We have five Plymouth Barred Rock pullets, and I absolutely adore them! They're three months old now and while I love them all, I must admit, I do have a favorite. Her name is Sassafrass and she's a scissored beak chicken. She has so much personality and seems to have bonded with me instantly. She's the first to run to the gate when I visit with them, and she flies onto my shoulder if I sit still longer than five seconds lol. So far she's eating just as well as the other girls. I have my fingers crossed for her though, and I'm ready to do whatever it takes for my little girl to live a long and happy life despite her mild disability. My husband and I are 25, and have six other children: three spoiled rotten dogs (Chihuahua, Chiweenie, and a Husky mix), a rambunctious cat, and two very obnoxious parakeets). We hope to someday live in the country and have a full-on farm. Until then, we'll make due with our tiny fenced-in plot of land, decent sized vegetable garden, and coop full of sassy little hens :) I look forward to learning a bunch from everyone here, and maybe in the future contributing a little knowledge myself to someone else brand new to chicken keeping.

Happy chicken keeping!
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Hi there! Nice to meet you. We're new to chicken-keeping too, and we too have an odd bird with an extra toe on one foot that curls upward. She's Etta (for E.T. with his weird long toes) and she's my daughter's favorite. Love your black-and-white birds... so pretty!
Greetings from Kansas, SassyCoop13, and
! Pleased you joined our community! Good luck to you and your flock!!
Welcome from a southern Illinoian as well! ...better known as God's country. Best of luck with your flock. They are a ton of fun to watch. I have one little runt scissor beak as well and she is hilaroius....hangs right inrhere with the big boys! Blessed to have small acreage and love the country life. Hope you find your farm someday.

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