Soy bean (milled) for extra protein source


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Mar 20, 2017
Butter. We bake, so we keep salted and unsalted in the freezer. (I know, I know, only barbarians salt their butter). Anyhow, 4 sticks is 1 lb. Package weight (unlike canned goods) is negligible. So once the scale is balanced, all you do is remove one of the butter packages back to the freezer, and fill the bucket with feed till it balances again. Measure that volume, and you have your pound of "whatever". Or just mark the bucket and always fill to that line.

I had been thinking to balance the scale with two of anything, then use it to weigh equal portions of each food, then measure the volume of each food portion. Then use that volume of one food, and 9 times that volume of the other food.

But your way sounds even better, because it lets you measure the volume of food that has a known weight of one pound.

I hadn't thought of butter before, so thank you for pointing it out. I usually have plenty of it in my freezer, too :)


Apr 27, 2021
I think I need to sleep on this and look at all these ideas with fresh eyes tomorrow 🤣. I’m too sleep deprived to digest it right now.
But I think that with a 44 lb bag of the layer ration, I would just need to at 5 lbs of the soy to make it approx 9:1. 5 lbs is easy to weight out on the bathroom scale. And I’ll just mix it directly in the bag and pour it into a Rubbermaid tub. Does that make sense?

Thank you sooooo very much for your guidance and help on this! Cute fluffy butt pictures for tax 🥰


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