Space for a coop that doesn't have a separate coop/run, it's just one.

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    Feb 3, 2009
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    We have a 16x8 building for our "coop" but it's divided. We have 2x8 breeder pens, 2 stacked high. those hold bantams. Then we have our 6x8 storage area. But the place I have the question about is 8x8 for our standards. It's covered, has 2 full sides, one completely open side, and one half covered side. I can't figure if I should just do 10 sq foot for the run, and say 64ft, so 6 standards, or say it's coop space and run space, so 15 each, making space for 4. Any clue? They will have nestboxes that are accessed from the storage area, so it won't take away from their sq footage. The feeder is going to be pvc pipe in the door, using very little space, and the waterer is going to use just a few inches because we're going to use nipple waterers. So pretty much the 8x8 is full space, nothing taking away.

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