Spaced hatches too close together, Should I lock down early?


Feathers On The Ground
10 Years
Aug 3, 2009
Southern California
I set eggs I thought 5 days apart in my new Dickey's incbator/hatcher. But I just realized I only set them three days apart.
The first batch went into lock down this morning, next batch is supposed to lockdown the day this first batch is due. Should I just put the second batch in lockdown now or maybe go a day late with it and by then the other hatch should be over?
In that case, I think I would just bump the humidity some, not go crazy with it, maybe 60, give or take, and let it stay there for the whole five days. I'd also keep the younger eggs in the turner the right number of days, even let them turn up until you remove the chicks and unhatched eggs.

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