Spangled Old English Game Rooster Pick up only Located in Spokane, WA


13 Years
Feb 11, 2010
Need to find a good home for a spangled Old English Game rooster.
He is the favorite and we really want to keep him but have to down size.
George was hatched May 11, 2010.
He is a good rooster, takes care of the ladies and even though he is not the top roo, he is the first to spot possible dangers.
And so far all the chicks have been fathered by him, the crafty sneak.
I have a couple of Plymouth rock chicks fathered by him, if you’re interested.
I also have a white crested black polish pullet that can go with him.
Free to good home.

I believe George has found a home.
I will know for sure later today.

Up date!
George did find a great home.
I still have two chicks hatched April 6th, 2011.
Mother is silver penciled Plymouth Rock bantam.
Father is spangled Old English game bantam.
I do not know the sex of these chicks yet. I believe at least one to be a cockerel.
I also have a white crested black Polish pullet that was brooded with the other two.
It would be nice if all three could go together.
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