Special considerations for a new duck house

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    Aug 30, 2009
    So I have researched it. I want to build a playhouse, basically, for 2-3 females and 1 drake, likely muscovie, in the spring. I know this is necessary:

    Predator proof
    Swimming pool
    Straw or hay for bedding
    Fresh drinking water

    I know they don't need roosts like my chickens.
    I know I want it to be easy to clean.

    I'm wondering about draining the kiddie pool I have. Should I raise it off the ground a bit, add a drain hole and drain with PVC pipe attached underneath or how is that best done? Just pick it up and dump it out weekly?

    Is a dog house type thing better except one with a removable or hinged top?

    I lock my chickens in their coop at night and the ducks will be the same. Keeps them safer. My main predators are my own dogs. They are doing well with the chickens when they free range each day. They keep most other predators at bay, like raccoons and coyotes. I plan on 16x16 pen with either welded wire or possibly hardware cloth on the bottom. With the play house accessible from both inside and outside the pen. I want to put it near my chicken coop so I can use part of it for food storage for both ducks and chickens. It is planned as a playhouse because I have easy access to easy diy plans that I can do. Winging it does not work for me. I plan on using one side of the chicken run as one wall of the duck run. We live where summer is more of a concern than winter so it will be in the shade.
  2. moodybubbles

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    Aug 30, 2009
    Is there anything I'm missing? Anything that would be a good idea to include based on your experience?

    My understanding is that they won't fly out so a 48-60" fence should be fine with no top?
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    Aug 30, 2009
    Also is it muscovies I want? I live where it gets 100-105 on the hottest days in the summer. It can freeze in the winter but not for long usually and we rarely get snow.

    I want eggs. They don't have to be awesome layers but eggs I do want.

    I like friendly birds. And am looking forward to considering them pets as well as egg producers

    2-3 females and 1 male is a good way to start right?

    I could build a pen that can inhibit ducks from escaping when I am not here but would prefer ducks that just don't fly much nor do they have the desire to escape. They will free range with my chickens.

    I do expect them to go broody and hatch some eggs at some point.

    The local feed store has ducks in the spring but I don't recall it saying what kind they were. I could order from a hatchery to get the ducks that best fit my needs.
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    Muscovy fly and really, really well. The drakes will usually stop as they age, now you can clip wings to avoid it. Muscovy also do roost so a wide shelf or low board are appreciated by them.

    As for pools i usually just dump mine you can use kiddy pools or stock tanks. My Muscovy lay pretty well, and if you want broody they are #1 in the duck world for that lol

    A trio is okay to begin with, however I would aim to get as many females as you can comfortably keep, this gives the drake a bit of variety and reduces him focusing him on a single bird.

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