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    This is Penny. I picked up Penny and her sisters from a hatchery we traveled to. We were originally going for poultry supplies that weren't available at our local farm store and weren't planning on picking up any chicks since our coop was already full but they were irresistibly cute. The hatchery told us they were "leftovers" from a canceled order and were more than happy to dump them on the first person who walked into the store at 9 AM. Luckily we didn't turn them down and drove the hour and a half back home that hot late July day with a box of chicks in our car.

    One of the birds (who would later become Penny) had a scissor beak. She had a difficult time eating the layer pellets as a pullet so we bought a special bag of crumbles just for her and even gave her deep bowls to eat out of. Occasionally we'd water down her feed to help it stick to her mouth, making it easier for her to gobble down her meal.

    Through the years Penny became close to a Cochin named Grace and then later a Brahma named Chloe, which were placed in the new coop with her that we built just for her and her friends. Penny has her own covered pen as well. She is super spoiled but still needs monthly beak trimmings to keep her in tip top form.

    She is going to be 7 years old as of July 2013 and is still going strong!


    So now I wonder... how many of you have a special needs hen you just couldn't part with? After all, hatching is mother nature's test of survival and if Penny could complete it with her cross beak, then she must have been meant to live a long, happy life. Let's share their stories (and pics, if you have them) and see how many of you have ever loved a special needs bird? What was the issue (deformed toe, kinked neck, etc)? How old are they/did they live to be?
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    What a nice story. I don't have any special-needs chickens. They are usually put down, as it is the most humane thing to do, since we would never have the time.
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    Good for you Penny! What a sweet girl she is. Thank you for being such a good chicken parent to her.

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