speckle & Onyx on eggs..... AGAIN!!!

Rachel's Hobby Hatchery

9 Years
Jul 16, 2010
North West Michagan
Speckle & Onyx hatched a clutch of 12 this april. They also hatched a clutch of 11 in July. somewhere between that specks ran off & hatched 6 chicks. Onyx ran off about 3 weeks ago and speckels ran off about 5 days ago. They are both on eggs. I thought chickens STOPED setting in fall LOL, aparently they didnt get the memo... so now Im swamped with pulletts & cockeralls and I think my mom will kill me if I bring the new babies (after hatching) in the house. I cant let the hens raise them (tryed with the first clutch). They get TOTALLY wild!!! What do I do!!!!! BTW, They have about as much meat on them as a pidgon.....

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