Speckled Sussex question


5 Years
Jul 25, 2014
Youngsville Louisiana
I live in south central Louisiana where it gets pretty hot and humid. I was thinking of getting some Speckled Sussex chickens and. Read some place they have trouble with heat. Anyone raise them where it gets pretty hot?
My broody hen hatched 7 Speckled Sussex eggs I bought last year in May. I live in South Central Texas where temperatures and humidity are brutal on chickens. They did very well last summer as well as this summer, however they are in a coop/run/yard built under very big trees with a lot of natural shade (the coop and run have a roof too) their coop has several windows and there is a very nice south breeze blowing most of the day, they have two fans in their coop that run 24/7 and the hutch where the nesting boxes are is very open to ventilation and also has a big fan running all the time. They get plenty of clean fresh water every day. I think you can have this breed in your location with the understanding that they will need special care during the hot season.
I have a speckled Sussex in my flock of five and she is the friendliest of my girls. I live in upstate SC and use a small fan all summer in their covered run and a mister when it gets super hot with high humidity. I agree with what aldarita says.
I have 5 speckled sussex hens in my flock here in central PA, and it can get very hot and humid here in the summer. I've had them for 4 years now and they seem to handle the heat very well in the summer. There are plenty of large trees in their enclosure for shade, and I always make sure to have a fresh water source for them. So I think you would be fine with speckled sussex hens!

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