Speckledhen~ Ivomec Eprinex clarification please.

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    Apr 30, 2009
    Speckledhen Forgot to say that I use Eprinex PourOn when I feel the need to worm, also called Ivomec, but on cattle, there is no withdrawal for milk or meat, so that to me would mean with Eprinex, there is no or a short withdrawal required. Just a 1/2 cc (or 1/4 for bantams)on the back of their necks and repeat in 2 weeks.

    Hi Cyn,

    I did a search and most of the information on Eprinex concerns worming, however I understand it is effective against mites, true? Have you ever used it on chicks 5-6 weeks old?

    Some posts indicated that Ivomec (not sure if it was eprinex as not specified) was "hard?" on their chickens. Have you noticed any of your chickens becoming ill after treatment?

    I found mites on the silkies and I'm wanting to knock it down before it gets out of hand. I have Sevin for dusting the coop and I sprayed the coop down with liquid sevin on Sunday. I dusted with the "poultry dust" permethrin, but I am not happy with it's effectiveness. I don't believe in letting the animals go any longer than necessary if I have an effective treatment.

    I now have the Eprinex and Sevin, and await your reply.

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    Apr 30, 2009
    The problem with all of those threads with that same information is that they all say 5% Ivomec (not eprinex). Therefore the information doesn't equate for eprinex...
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    I have never used Eprinex on young birds at all. I didn't even worm my birds till they were about two years old and I saw one worm in Suede's poop. I know that on adults, you use 1/2 cc on the skin of the back of the neck and 1/4 cc on bantams. I'd say 1/8 cc would work on six-week-old chicks okay, and yes, it is supposed to get mites and lice as well as internal worms.
  5. insiderart

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    Apr 30, 2009
    Thanks Cyn. Actually what I found was lice, I don't know why I keep saying mites. But it sounds like the eprinex should be fine for treatment.

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