Speckledhen this is George out enjoying the sun today


12 Years
Jan 18, 2008
Conway SC

I think his chocolate is getting browner but he is a sweetie and is becoming a good flock roo for the layer pen he's in.He's already won a couple of scuffles with some of my older roo's. lol At least he finally has a decent tail now.Took him forever to grow one.
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Oh I love him to death but I'm begining to think he has some sort of muted gene other than just a few brassy feathers.There isn't a blue hackle or saddle feather on him.
Marlon, I wonder if Suede has the chocolate gene somewhere in his background. That is the wildest color I've ever seen two blues produce! I'm stumped. Suede's newly molted in hackles always start out a great blue then take on the brassy look, but nothing like your George!
I do want to add that I think he's stunning, but obviously, cant be used in a blue Orp breeding project. Never saw two blue birds produce anything like your George! If you want more eggs to try again, I'd be happy to get you some in the near future. One of Suede's three blue girls is broody right now, so after she snaps out of it, I may be able to get you some more eggs, if you want that. Thanks for posting the pic of George!
That would be great Cyn and by the way he is getting to be a big boy too.All lead when you pick him up and he won't be a year old until May.BTW the more I look at him and he fills out makes me like him more and more.If by chance Suede does have the gene wonder if George with some true Black Orps would duplicate the color?Genetic experts can answer that one.
Yes, we need some input from genetics experts on this one! Sounds like he inherited his dad's fabulous temperament.
For those who dont know, George is the son of Suede and Velvet (sadly, deceased). So, blue x blue = wild brown? Very odd.
I'm sure he did.I need to get some close up pictures of feather's to post so maybe someone can tell if it's really the chocolate gene.I have also switched everyone's feed to TSC layer pellets thinking the homemade feed I was buying had too much corn in it and maybe causing the color.I've got solid black hens that have ate the feed most of their life and show no signs of brass coming thru.If you remember some of his chick pictures he looked very normal for a blue orp.This is only in his hackle and saddle feathers and his chest and tail are completly blue with no bleeding.
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