speckles where there shouldn't be any...


8 Years
May 14, 2011
Englewood Colorado
So I have a barred rock who has been laying lovely brown eggs since November or so. Today I gathered her egg and it was the same usual color...but with an abundances of purple spots all over. Yes, I said purple! I washed the egg to see if they'd come off, and they got more pronounced and kind of brown. It doesn't seem like the usual change in spots I see in my welsummer's eggs. I realize eggs change shades often...but purple spots??? Should I worry?

The picture is of the spotted egg and one of her regular eggs...both shiny because I washed them!
My Australorps usually lay nice beige eggs, but quite often we get some lovely speckled ones, and the speckles can be anywhere form white, to pink, to brown to purple. It's just "one of those things" I think, and nothing to be concerned about. Variations of normal.
We have two buff orpingtons and a golden wyandotte who lay tan eggs - about half the time we get the beautiful speckles like the picture you posted, but I don't know which one is doing it.

I wouldn't worry about it - enjoy the artwork!
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