speculation on future pecking order


8 Years
May 2, 2012
New to chickens. I have a dozen 3 week old chicks but couldn't decide on a single breed so I got a couple of this and that.
And as I watch them growing I can help wondering about their personalities and which will be dominant and what the pecking order will be. But all the breed descriptions only have nice things to say about them. So I am clueless. thought I'd see if you guys have a notion...

The breeds I have are Dorkings, Barnvelders, Welsummers, and Black Copper Marans.

Any idea what the pecking order will be?
I cant wait for them to grow up!!!! but I want them to stay small too..so conflicted!
It's hard to speculate the pecking order. Do you have any roosters? The dorkings are smaller than the others so I can assume they will not be at the top. But all flocks are different. Have fun with your chickens!
I guess I was just wondering about the temperment of the respective breeds that I have gotten. Reports on all say they are pretty mellow but I was wondering if any were less or more mellow than the others.
I will keep one rooster...probably a dorking.


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