Spending Time With the Girls


8 Years
May 15, 2011
Went to spend time with the girls--Out of 16 I have about 5 that sort of fight over who gets to sit on me or near me. One Little Bit (BR) wants to sit on my shoulder she'll fly up on her own--but if Elizabeth (EE) sees her there tries to push her off. Then one of my BR (not named yet) sits in my hand and Gertie (BO) will chase her off. But if Rosie (RIR) is sitting in my other hand than one of the others that has been ousted from their current position will try to take her place. LOL I have their brooder covered with pieces of plastic lattice so when I pull it back to access the brooder-I have a door on the side to open side of box..so they can walk in and out the side at their leisure while I am there with them...Sometimes they will "fly" up to the lattice and walk around up there and look around down on top of their sisters that stayed behind in the brooder. But when they are sometimes scared to come back down so I put my hand out and they step into my hand and let me place them back down at brooder level. My friends like to try and see if they will come to them and theyusually won't. They say ohh-you won't come to me b/c i'm not youre momma--huh??? they are starting to go to my son some--but still not like they are to me..My husband came into the "chickroom" and I had 1 on the shoulder asleep) in my hair--2 in left hand (asleep)--1 in right hand--2 on left forearm-1 on right forearm (asleep) and one sitting on lattice looking at me trying to figure out where she was going to fit in...!!! He just looked at me smiled and shook his head and shut the door...LOL
I am sure that people driving by on my road look over and wonder if they really just saw some old man sitting on a bucket with chickens roosting all over him.
I know--it's funny. But people who do not have chickens just do not understand. I am so glad I found BYC because only people from BYC could totally uderstand!!!
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