spin-off of skunk thread.... questions about skunks


10 Years
May 6, 2009
there is ALWAYS a skunk in my yard almost every night. it lives around here somewhere. its huge. SO, I was reading that they can do bad things to the chickens? will they get into my coop? I dont have the coop finished and the chicks are still in my house 5 weeks old. are skunks going to be an issue with my chickens? and at what time of the evening do I need to have them locked up? and what time is safe to put them out?
I have had a skunk hanging around for almost a year, and he hasn't caused any problems, yet. That being said he is getting closer and closer to my birds, so I have decided that he needs to go. Skunks are opportunists. They will generally go for eggs and small birds that can't put up much fight. You may indeed have problems with yours as they have been known to go after even full-grown chickens if they are accessible. Skunks usually come out as soon as it gets dark, but I have seen mine out during the day as well (infrequently). Predator proof your coop and that may deter the skunk indefinitely. They will generally go for easy prey, but not try too hard to get at chickens who are locked up tight.

Good luck.

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