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Splash ameraucana over lavender ameraucana

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by wendychicklawyr, Dec 29, 2015.

  1. wendychicklawyr

    wendychicklawyr Songster

    Aug 28, 2013
    What colors will I get?

  2. QueenMisha

    QueenMisha Queen of the Coop

    Splash x Lavender will produce all Blue offspring, split for Lavender (breed offspring back to Lav and you'll get 75% Lav, or you can do offspring x offspring and you'll get 25% Lav).
  3. Ridgerunner

    Ridgerunner Free Ranging

    Feb 2, 2009
    Southeast Louisiana
    Yes, blue. Lavender is a recessive gene that modified black, so the base color of the Lavender is black, but since there will only be one lavender gene at that gene pair you will not see any effect from the Lavender.

    The “Blue” gene also modifies black. So a splash chicken will have a black base if it is solid splash. The Blue gene is kind of funny. Two copies at that gene pair will give you splash, one copy gives you blue, and no copies does not modify anything because it is not there so you default to black.

    So you get black from both parents and one blue gene from the splash, so you get Blue from a Splash/Lavender cross.

    I have no idea what you would get if you cross them back to a Lavender and get some chicks pure for Lavender and split for blue.
  4. wendychicklawyr

    wendychicklawyr Songster

    Aug 28, 2013
    awesome guys thx! I got an incubator for Christmas!! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  5. junebuggena

    junebuggena Crowing

    Apr 17, 2015
    Long Beach, WA
    Just a word of warning, you can have second generation birds that are both Blue/Splash and Lavender, but the dominant BBS gene will override the Lavender. It will be impossible to tell which birds are carrying which genes. This is why it's best not to mix the two varieties.
  6. keesmom

    keesmom Crowing

    Jul 28, 2008
    X 2. A bird can be BOTH splash/blue and lavender. Blue and lavender are both diluters of black (lavender also dilutes red), and the presence of one does not inhibit the other. It can be very difficult to distinguish which birds have which genes.
  7. Shaffer

    Shaffer Songster

    Jan 2, 2008
    Tamaqua, NE Pa
    Go to the two club sites this pairing I believe has been talked about in some extent.
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