~Splash Cochin Bantam pair~ quality!! Type and color! ~~NPIP

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Jan 15, 2009
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Welcome to my auction for an awesome quality pair of Splash Cochin bantams. This is a rare opportunity, as very few people have Splash of this quality. They will be 4-6 weeks old, healthy & parasite free. NPIP # 51-370. Shipping goes by weight & zip code. PM me for shipping cost, $5 new box fee. It is cool enough now here to ship, I may have to wait if it is too hot on your end. Sorry, NO SHIPPING TO VA, their testing rules are too strict. You can see my breeders on my website. I got my best birds from Mandy at The Cochin Coop. Do not bid if you do not intend to pay at auction end, Paypal only. Serious bidders only. I want these birds to go to a serious breeder who will help get this color recognized by the APA. Thanks for looking.


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