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    I have a couple different splash silkies growing out in the brooders. The older ones are around 3-4 weeks old. They are growing out a lavender type color, and the other ones are growing out white. Does splash have two different base colors, blue and white? I think I have read that before that they can either be blue based splash or white based splash, or something like that. Also when do the "splashes" start to come in on the birds?
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    The background colour for splash can vary from white to medium slate. There is no genetic difference between these other than the darker ones obviously have more melanizers than the lighter ones. Sometimes the splashing comes in almost at once, and other times takes a couple of months to appear.

    All splash are blue based; they carry two copies of the blue gene. There is nothing such as a white-based splash. Paint, on the other hand does appear to have a white base.

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