Splash Silkie Rooster... Great Quality... Pet Home ONLY!

Happy Chicken Mama

12 Years
Apr 23, 2007
Hello BYC's!

We have a pet silkie whom we love and adore that seems to have developed a crowing problem... it happens to the best of us. He is just about 10 months old.

He is an absolute doll and we do not want to get rid of him... but... we must.

We are looking for a PET HOME not a breeder type home. We would like to have lots of room for him to roam and for him to be loved, hugged, cuddled and adored like he is here. We don't mind if he is used as a 'rooster'... we just don't want that to be his sole purpose if you catch my drift... he's a sensitive fellow.

PLEASE if you intend to keep him on a cage at all times... PLEASE do not bid.

Right now he is with about 10 sister hens and has just started doing the 'rooster' thing. He has a great temperament and is very loved.

We would prefer to have him be picked up but would consider shipping to the RIGHT home. Buyer to pay $15 box/veggie fee and actual shipping. Would consider offers (in price not shipping) as well to the right home...

Please let me know if you have any questions...



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