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  1. I have splash silkie chicks feathering out from 3 different breeder. The chicks from 2 of the breeders are feathering out a light blue color, the other breeders chicks are feathering out white. The ones feathering out white are about 2 weeks old.

    Do some splash silkies have a lighter base color than others?
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    I wouldn't say it is only silkies, or even silkies for that matter, but I see a variation in how dark/light birds come, even from the same families. There may also be a lot of variation within the same family line. I would breed for darker ones if that is what you like, or lighter ones if that is what you like. It seems like there are some other genes at work here besides just "andalusian blue". Maybe some of the black modifiers you see in other extended black birds have something to do with it.
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    Nov 25, 2009
    I have six of them and they were white up until maybe a few months old. I don't like almost all black and I don't like them to light either. In the the standard there is a limit on how much black can be in splash. I forgot the percentage though! LOL
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    The background colors on the splash can be from white to a lavender appearing background. I prefer the darker background although if the splashes are intense the whiter background allows them to really pop.
  5. Quote:If you have the standard, would you mind checking the % for me? I have the 2001 American Standard of Perfection and there is no splash silkie listed in their, or splash color description.
  6. Quote:Thats what I needed to know. Thanks Robin. Most of the babies are a lavendar appearing color except for those 3 white colored ones.
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    It is in the addendum near the end--the main portion of the book had already gone to print before the meet where they were qualified that year.
  8. Quote:Thank You so much. I just found it.
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    Lets see some pics of the cuties!! [​IMG]
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    You can't have more than 50% black or blue on a splash. I saw it on hattricks site under splash silkies.

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