Splayed, weak legs. Help!

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    I have five 2 year old hens and just introduced three newbies (all different breeds). Once the new babies were about 4 weeks old, they were moved to the big coop, but in a smaller coop inside the big coop, so they can be outside and close the the adult hens, but not picked on until they can hold their own.

    I noticed last Saturday that Marilyn, my then 6 week old buff Brahma was sitting down and wouldn't get up to eat, so I put some food in front of her. The other two girls kept taking her food out of her mouth. She tried to get up and walk, but her legs would shake and twitch, splay out and not hold her up. Her wings flapped wildly to keep her balance. I took her to a local vet (no farm vets where I live), and he said she was underweight and malnourished. He said to segregate her, give her vitamin supplements, mash and protein.

    I isolated her within the coop in a kennel with straw and her own food and water. I am giving her mash, mealworms, veggies and added vitamins to her water. She's feisty and tries to get out of the kennel when I open it to feed her and she's alert, her feathers look great, her spirit is there. She's not lathargic, but her legs, a week later, are still shaky, twitchy and weak. She balances on her entire foot, instead of on her toes like a healthy hen. The other poults are doing great. Her poop is fine, she's eating, drinking, chirping, friendly, and alert, she just can't walk.

    For the first five weeks, she was just fine. The only thing that happened was a two day hot spell and both days the babies knocked their water over, but that was three days before this happened and now almost two weeks ago.

    Any ideas what else I should do?


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