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I foolishly ordered hatching eggs from three different locations to hatch at one time. One set was somewhere in "post office limbo" for 5 days so arrived three days after the other two sets were started in the incubator. I let them rest and added them to my Hova-bator 1588.

My plan was to have a second hatcher bator when day 18 arrived for the first eggs. Problem...buy another 1588 (most expensive option) try a brinsea eco ( which interests me as an incubator but don't know if it is big enough for the chicks to hatch in) or try an LG from Tractor Supply to use as a hatch only (only $41). I have heard such horror stories about the LG.

I am new at this and don't anticipate hatching millions of eggs but don't want to sacrifice eggs to save just a little money.

I own an LG and have had no problems with it. I think you will hear "horror stories" about most incubators because not everyone is going to have the same outcome. I personally do staggered hatches in the same incubator as do a lot of people. It gets difficult when you need to turn some eggs, but not others and you will get humidity and temp fluctuation when you have to tend to the eggs that aren't ready to hatch yet. The other thing I do is let the eggs hatch in the same incubator that they started in. I do not move them from one to the other. Some people have an incubator and a hatcher and have good outcomes. It really comes down to what works best for you. I wish it was a "set in stone" type of thing where everybody did things one certain way and all get a good outcome, but it doesn't work that way.

i have one wood bator that i just put eggs in for the first 18 days and a LG for a hatcher i put a LG fan kit in it and it stays at 99-100 deg all day long. i don't have many problems with a split hatch. i do it all the time. good luck. you ever start you will be hatching every 7 days.
no worries just stagger ur hatch put in the same bator, when u get to day 18 for the first set put them to the back and stop turning them and move ur 2nd set to the front and ffrom days 18-21 for the first set just open the incubator enough to turn the eggs and do it as quickly as u can so that the humidity stays high enough
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I have 2 Lg's One to incubate with turner and one as a hatcher.

The one I use to incubate for the 1st 18 days I added a remote temp and humidity gauge to monitor, like one of those indoor outdoor models.

I set them up and let them run so I could get used to adjusting and what would affect them and put them in an area that didn't have much of a temp change from during the day and the night so it wouldn't affect the incubators so much.

Out of the gate I put 1st set in then the next week I put the 2nd batch in then 3 weeks the 3rd batch went in.

1st hatch is over and was 11 out of 12, 2nd batch just hatched and had 8 out of 9 and the 3rd batch is due on the 21st.

Because of the different batches running at the same time I wait to candle until day 18, if they are good they go into the hatcher. If they need water I use a long straw and add warm water threw the vent holes.

So far I have been lucky

Good Luck
Oh gosh LOL I stagger hatch at all times! I mark my eggs to know which are which and at day 18 I stop turning the eggs due and turn the rest. I take mine out as soon as they hatch, blow dry them off and put them in the brooder. Then I take my blow dryer and warm up a box with a towel and set my remaining eggs in there and I rinse out my bator from the just hatched eggs. Put my eggs back in the bator and wait for the next ones to hatch....and so on...LOL Some might gasp at this but it works really great for me.

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