spoiled kid...how to?

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  1. well, I am very happy to announce that Lucky, my mystery kid, is happy and healthy....maybe a little too happy! I have had to keep him inside, because the older goats were butting him, so now I don't know how to get him outside! anyone have any ideas on integrating him into the herd? he will be 2 weeks old this saturday, and I take him outside with me everyday, but he just cries for me - he won't play with the other babies. I am afraid I have spolied him good [​IMG] any ideas will be helpful... I finally found his mom, she is a gorgeous, but young, boer goat, not mine, but my landlord's. I am keeping him intact for my breeding stock, because he is gorgeous, and good natured.I will add a pic of the spoiled little cutie, tomorrow!!
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    I would make a small pen within your goat area sturdy enough to keep the adult goats out for him to stay in. Include a dog house or similar for him to sleep in. This way, over time, the other goats will accept his presence and he will figure out he's a goat. Then, when he's big enough to fend for himself, when you turn him out it won't be so hard on him butting-wise.

    Can't wait to see him, that was a neat story!
  3. That is sorta what I was thinking, since all the babies are around his age, he is the youngest, I was thinking of making a kid "play pen" and putting them all in there together. think that would work?
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    If he is going to be outside he will need a buddy to keep him company and he is a little young just yet to turn out with the others w/o a mom to protect him. Yep the pen and maybe a baby in there with him during the day and then a different 1 at night. Just a thought
  5. I would still bring him in at night, until he is older. I just want to get him used to being outside, and learning goaty stuff! here is the spoiled little brat!! sorry the pics are dark...used cell phone!

    this is me giving him a kiss

    him eating my finger

    and standing on my bed, looking out the window


    I know he is going to be too big to be an inside goat, so I just want to make sure it won't be too much of a shock for him when the time comes!

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