Spontaneous mega-sized mealie


10 Years
Sep 4, 2009
Tonight I was replacing carrot and apple slices on my mealworm farm and what should appear but a HUGE mealworm...way bigger than anything I've ever seen in my farm. It's about twice the length and width of the regulars. I've been raising mealworms for a while - this is about the 5th generation, since I started. All my mealworms have been regular size.

Question. Has anyone else found a mutant huge mealworm in their breeding program? I can't be the first.
I haven't but you should breed it to make a mutantly large species
Kill it before it spreads!! That's how it starts and then they rise up and take over the world. I think they try feeding people to chickens. I know I won't sleep well ..tonight. Thank goodness you didn't include a photo.
Quick, kill it with fire before it spreads!!! No, not really.
I've never encountered such a thing. The odd thing is that this is your 5th generation, so it's not likely something else that got put into your initial batch of worms. I wonder if it's a developmental problem with that individual worm where juvenile hormone production didn't turn off as it normally would. We definitely want pics!

I've found my camera. You guys are just so lucky it's a holiday weekend so I've got nothing better to do than find & dig out mega-mealie and some of his/her friends and take them where they like best -- in full sunshine - for a photo shoot.

Found another mega, that was slightly smaller. You can see the two tiny ones are more like my full regular size mealies, just before they pupate. "King mega-biggie" is nearest the adult.

But I CAN'T believe I'm the only one. boo hoo, that stinks. I wanna know why this happens... and experience group support and so on. Now I might never know.


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