Spontaneous Turkey Death


Jul 15, 2016
We are new to raising turkeys. But we had a big Tom that was about 3.5 months old. Last night he was gobbling and strutting his stuff and this morning we come and he is dead. No visible injury and only blood was coming from his mouth. Can turkeys have heart attacks? Is there some kind of diseasethat we ddidn'tknow about that wwouldhave caused his death? Any help is greatly aappreciate . My kids are so sad and so am I and my husband.
Was it a broad breasted? It's common for them to have heart attacks due to their big size and the stress it puts on their heart and circulatory system.
Yes, Bronze breasted. He was beautiful and was big, but from what we read they are normally harvested around 20 weeks. He was 18. So it was a bit of a shock. Ladywolf0994 is my better half.

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