Spooked off the nest


8 Years
May 18, 2011
Dixon Missouri
Okay if any of you have been following my ramblings. You will know I have been chasing chickens for a week.
Well heard the rooster crowing today so went to investigate. Well he was in the old barn. So we tried to catch him lol well he knew who the weak link was and ran between my legs. The Hen #3 shot out from the corner and between my legs. Well we went back to look for more after Hen #2 in a different stall shot between my legs lol. That is when we noticed a nice little nest with 4 eggs.

Now being we ran her off of it will she come back and set it?
Man, I think it totally depends on the chicken. One of mine wouldn't come off a nest if a stick of dynamite went off under her butt, and one freaks out if another chicken looks at her crosswise.


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