Spooks second date was even funnier


Dec 3, 2020
Anyone ever go on a date by accident?

Well, it happens.

Don't even see the trouble coming.

This is how it happened...

My neighbor, Kenny, had a camper for sale. Soon lady from Kentucky is driving a couple of hours up here to see it.

I've got nothing involved. I'm not even here yet. I don't see the trouble coming .

Woman was suppose to be there like noonish....early day anyway. Whatever reason she gets delayed. Kenny had to go do something so he asked me to hang out, show the camper.

No problem.

But the afternoon goes on, shes late getting here. And I've got to go pick my daughter up at her work, 4 oclock.

Lady gets here like 3:30. I'm going to have to rush

" I hate to ask, but since you're late getting here would you mind if we ride down and pick my daughter up at her work?

Undersrand, I have never seen this woman before. Don't even know her name. Little gray haired woman. But laughing, smiling. Seems fun enough. I

It's about a 15-20 minute ride to the little sandwich shop where my daughter works.

15-20 minutes....few minutes is all a Spook needs sometimes.

We.....she helps me.... We hatch this bad joke to play on my daughter Hana.

We get there, I open the door for her, we get out and go iside. Of course, I open the restrauant door for her, she goes in first.

My daughter and her friends are standing at the counter watching this. All these girls know me. I'm Hana's daddy. Come get her every day.

But not LIKE. THIS.

Hana at the counter, woman and I get sodas. And I begin to inttroduce Hana to this woman she knows nothing about.

Something like this....

"Hana, this is Jan. And I met her a couple of months ago on Farmers Only, and we been talking.
And Hana, we're going to get married"

I did this speel in front of Hana and her friends. Hana gets mad instantly. Youcan see it in her eyes.

But this woman and I set at a table, wair on Hana to finish up. So Hana stomps over, sets down with us. Woman and I are just having fun.
My phone rings, so I take the call and excuse myself from the table a few minutes.
Woman tells Hana how life will be on her farm in Kentucky.

We get in the car to go home. Hana is furious. I can see her in the mirror. Womans talking a mile a minute.

When we get home, I tell Hana to in (grandma house) that Jan and I are going somewhere else. Be back in a couple of hours.

At no point have we told Hana the woman is just someone looking at Kenny's camper.

I finally show her the camper, she goes on her merry way and I go back home.

Where I am now in serious trouble. Hana told mom jan and I were running off, getting married., moving to Kentucky.

.My mom was madder than Hana.


We're all mad here
11 Years
Jan 13, 2011
Glen, MS
Oh, they be evil things.

If I find time, I'll post about the sheep of the month club. Much easier
Which one of us needs to be kept in line again?

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