Spot the 'Normal' Egg


10 Years
Oct 16, 2009
Here's a selection of today's eggs.

It's the second from the left.
Far left....double yolk almost certainly...weight 102g
Middle egg....f**t egg.
Second from right....wrinkled egg.
Far right....probably double yolked and also covered with raised calcium bumps.

F**rt egg layer by a hen with bumble foot.
I kept one of those wrinkled looking eggs in my fridge for Mine ( chickens) was much uglier than yours. It was just so odd I wanted to keep it. But after a few months I was like "What am I saving this thing for?" and tossed it. It was one UGLY egg. One of my green eggers (EE) lays the prettiest blue/green egg with lots of calcium deposits at one end - looks like it'd hurt coming out. I like your comparsion of eggs...

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