Spraddle legged chick....cull?

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    Well my friend finally got some late chicks to hatch yesterday and this morning. One of the chicks had serious legg issues...the joint had come through the skin and it was unable to stand so I culled that one for her. The other chick has some small issue with just the one leg...it sorta slides out from under it when it starts to walk very much. It is much more active and energetic so I think it will be okay but I am wondering if the leg will cause it any issues later. Is there any way to correct the small amount of spraddle?
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    Please, do not cull that one.

    Spraddle leg is very easy to fix, unless you wait to long.

    Click this link. It has very a detailed step-by-step how to fix

    spraddle leg. Last time I treated a chick for it, it worked like

    a charm.


    My chick was at the point were she absolutely COULD NOT stand, and her

    legs were totally fixed after 5 days of having the band-aid on her feet.

    What do you have as bedding? Though it has other causes, spraddle leg

    is normally caused by young chicks being on a slippery bedding. Newspaper,

    copy paper, paper in general is all very slippery for a newborn chick, and therefore,

    they are at risk of getting spraddle leg. I always keep newborn chicks on paper

    towels, because it has a grip. Then after the first week or so, you can switch to

    a different bedding. Wishing you the best of luck!


    Edited to say : [​IMG] Oops! Same link as the above poster! haha.

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