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May 2, 2007
Murfreesboro, TN
Tomorrow I am going to clean the chicken coop. I some barn cleaner stuff and brushes and a bucket. How should I clean the coop? any tips, hints, suggestions? Could you tell me how you clean your coop? THANX

Run-A-Muck Ranch

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Mar 26, 2008
In the middle of nowhere!!!
Quote:It's too cold up here right now for me to clean it the way I do normally.
But we usually clean all the old icky pooped on bedding material. Take that out of the indoor coop, some gets scattered around outside in the outdoor coop. But most goes in compost or on the gardens.
Then I take all nesting boxes, roosts, toys, feed and water dishes, etc. out and wipe those down.
I usually also bring the hose down and spray down the inside of there indoor coop. After done doing that I usually push all extra water outside (that does get a little muddy but it dries pretty fast).
After it's dry I throw down new bedding and such. Re fill all food and water dishes, and put down some DE for the birds. They both eat it and take dust bath in it within a few minutes of it being in there.

I guess I should say we also wash down the walls and windows in the coop.

As for there outdoor pen we don't really do to much for that. We do throw a little of the indoor muck out there(maybe a 5 gal. bucket worth). I don't think it really serves a purpose, other than the chickens scratch in there for lost feed and it helps to beable to not have them running in the indoor coop while cleaning. Sometimes we add a few new roosts here and there for the birds.
In the summer when it's a lot warmer and I bring out the duck and geese pools I usually add a few things around it for the chickens to hop on incase they want to investigate.
Other than that we don't get real technical with cleaning the coop....

My mom used to vaccum her coop 2 times a week. Until my dad stopped her cuz she was blowing up to many vaccums....


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