Spring has come! What you getting??


5 Years
Jul 12, 2017
It's chicken math season. We have 2 Cochin peeps already- gold laced. Purchasing serama hatching eggs in a few weeks. And we set 6 Cochin eggs last week under my broody (should be a mix of standard and frizzle, out of my high quality show bird stock I house at my dad's).

And a new puppy is due any day that will be home when he's old enough. This is an exciting time of year!

What are you setting or ordering or hatching?
Have Gotten rir, br, slw, ee, and rainbow layers. 25 From farm store.

Ordered 25 white leghorn should be in Wed.

Will be hatching. White rocks, bourbon red turkeys, a&m quail, and chukars
Well, I got eight chicks in February. Light Brahma, White Silkie, Barred Rock, Golden Sex Link, Golden Laced Wyandotte, Silver Laced Polish, Easter Egger, and Black Australorp. I love them so much! Spring is the best!
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