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My Coop
It is finally spring here in New England. The girls are approaching their first birthday. So it seems like time to do some maintenance on the coop and run. Last week did a complete clean out of the interior pine shavings on the coop floor and nest boxes. Did a thorough cleaning of the removable poop boards. Added all shavings to the run. Yesterday raked and cut the yard. Added that stuff to the run. This morning took down the plastic covering the north and south wall runs.

What other tasks should be on my to do list? NOTE: Original post edited to correct my terrible senseof direction. The sun rises in the east. The human door faces east. 20180401_094356.jpg 20180401_100431.jpg
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Yes! Our snow has melted from the yard (this may be temporary at this time of year, but good for now) and I am on board with outdoor spring projects. Yesterday I consolidated/moved a wood pile. Picked up trash and/or moved any random things that melted out of the snow. Earlier in the week I cleaned up all the dog poop that' melted out of the snow.

Some coop projects. Prime and paint the duck house. Possibly shingle the duck house. Take down/replace the plastic from the chicken run. Adjust a few of my latches; with the change in weather and the swelling and shrinking of wood, there are a few latches that just don't line up quite right anymore and it's infuriating. Hmm... I know there was more. Prep garden beds. I want to make a new, larger window in the chicken coop, but I have to find a salvage window first before I cut a big hole in the coop wall. Here's one from earlier in the week, freshen up the dust bath, it had turned into a mud hole when the snow melted and the girls were happy to have some really dry wood ash and dirt. Still on the list is a deep clean/scrub down of ALL food and water containers. Replace nest box material and clean nest boxes (this doesn't happen too often here).

Oh, no, your post has made me realize how many things are left TO DO, when I felt like I'd gotten a lot done.
My Spring Maintenance consist of putting the girls in their Mobile Run while I spray down their Enclosure with Neem & added/dusted the shavings with some DE. Summer is when I can do major Maintenance/Cleaning, the weather with alot less RAIN!

It's been raining since the end of January, only in the past week have we been seeing the Sun more often. Here we mow in between the rain & when the ground dries enough.
I thought "The Ground Hog" said Early Spring? Did I hear wrong or was he doing a April Fools on us early? You all get the white stuff, we get the wet stuff & white stuff but occasionally and only on Mauna Kea (13,802' above sea level, 33,000' tall) & Mauna Loa (13,448' above sea level, 32,650' tall) . When blizzard conditions allow, some drive to the summits to play & bring some down to the beach. Roads are not car friendly.

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